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This store policy governs purchases made through the online store owned by:

WebLevel Michal Olech
Chmielna 11/2
74-320 Barlinek

VAT ID: PL5971700783
REGON: 321382378

This store policy becomes valid as of the 25th of December 2014.



1. The Customer is able to place orders with WebLevel Michal Olech via 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2. As soon as the order has been received by WebLevel Michal Olech, the Customer receives by e-mail the order confirmation.

3. The merchandise ordered by the Customer is shipped (depending on the form of payment selected by the Customer):

  • in the case of payment effected by bank transfer - after the amount of payment is credited to the bank account of WebLevel Michal Olech;
  • in the case of an online payment - after the confirmation of successful payment authorization is received by WebLevel Michal Olech;
Where the value of an order exceeds EUR 500, WebLevel Michal Olech reserves the right to request an advance payment of a part of the amount due for the ordered merchandise.

4. Where an error is found in either the price or description of merchandise, WebLevel Michal Olech reserves the right to cancel the order. Then, the Customer receives by e-mail a written offer to keep the sales contract binding under new conditions or to cancel it. If the Customer does not respond to the e-mail, the order shall be canceled.



1. All merchandise offered on is original, brand-new and covered by the manufacturers' guarantee.

2. All prices listed on are noted in euro and inclusive all taxes applicable in Poland. The price of the merchandise is binding at the moment of order placement.



1. The lead time depends on the availability of merchandise; availability of a given product being listed on next to the image of the product it refers to.

2. The availability of merchandise may be specified in one of the following three ways:

product immediately available - the lead time being usually shorter than one week (in majority of cases the lead time ranges from 2 to 7 days);

product available upon demand - in order to receive information about the lead time, the Customer has to contact an employee of

product temporarily unavailable - the product being unavailable in stock but expected to become available soon.

3. Where the shipping of merchandise is not possible or may become delayed owing to the lack of merchandise in stock or for other reasons, the respective information shall be immediately provided to the Customer by e-mail or telephone in order to enable the Customer to decide whether the lead time may be extended or the order should be canceled.


1. The merchandise is shipped to a Customer by a other parcel delivery company. The lead time usually ranges from 4 to 7 workdays from the moment the merchandise is manufactured.
2. The merchandise ordered is shipped to the address provided by the Customer in the course of order placement as the address for delivery.

3. The recipient (i.e. either the Customer or person entitled to receive the merchandise on his or her behalf) is obliged to verify the condition and contents of the packaging in the presence of a package delivery driver. If the packaging has been damaged in the course of shipping, the recipient shall draw up a delivery protocol including a description of all damages to the packaging. The protocol shall form basis for claims. Then, the Customer should contact an employee of WebLevel Michal Olech responsible for in order to initiate the complaint procedure.

4. The receipt of merchandise from a package delivery driver has to be confirmed in writing. Upon signing confirmation of the receipt of merchandise, the title of ownership of the merchandise as well as all risks including the risk of its damage or loss are transferred to the Customer.



1. Where the total net value of the merchandise ordered is lower than EUR 500, the shipping fee will be paid in accordance with the rate specified in the table available at:

2. Where the total net value of the merchandise ordered exceeds EUR 500, the shipping fee will be paid by WebLevel Michal Olech

3. Sales outside the EU may be charged with additional duties (depend on the tax office).



We accept the following forms of payment for e-store purchases:

1. Payment by bank transfer made to the account of WebLevel Michal Olech upon receipt of order confirmation. The bank account details are the following:

Michal Olech
Chmielna 11/2
74-320 Barlinek

Alior Bank S.A.
Bank address:
al. Lopuszanska 38d 
02-232 Warszawa

IBAN: PL31249010570000990285392571


2. Online payment via PayPal.

ATTENTION! The bank transfer title should include the order number.



1. Upon request of a Customer, the purchase of merchandise from may be confirmed by an invoice issued by WebLevel Michal Olech.

2. The invoices are shipped to the Customers together with the merchandise.



1. A Customer enjoys the right to return the merchandise within 14 days from its receipt.
2. The Customer shall not enjoy the right to withdraw from the merchandise purchase contract where the order placed refers to nontypical custom-made merchandise, whose properties (such as e.g. color or material it is to be made of) have been specified by the Customer.

3. Where a defect of the merchandise resulting from its use has been found, the Customer should contact an employee of WebLevel Michal Olech responsible for in order to initiate the complaint procedure. The complaints shall be handled within 14 workdays. In the case where it becomes necessary for WebLevel Michal Olech to order replacement merchandise needed for handling the complaint, the above-mentioned 14-day period may be extended, which should be communicated to the Customer as soon as possible.

4. The merchandise being subject of the complaint should be delivered in its original packaging together with all original accessories it was delivered with. The parcel should include also a copy of the purchase document and description of the defect. The shipment fee should be paid by the Customer and the merchandise should be shipped after the complaint has been filed (by e-mail or telephone call). Where the complaint has been recognized, WebLevel Michal Olech removes defects or exchanges the merchandise and ships it to the Customer at its own expense. Where WebLevel Michal Olech has not recognized the complaint having found no defect which might be subject of a complaint or having found a damage to the merchandise caused by the Customer, the merchandise is shipped back to the Customer at the Customer's expense.



1. The Customer hereby expresses his or her acceptance and agreement to his or her personal information being processed and used by WebLevel Michal Olech for purposes related to execution of orders placed by him or her with

2. The personal information entered into the data base of is processed exclusively for the needs of our e-store and shall not be disclosed to any third parties. The information is collected and stored with due diligence and it is protected from unauthorized access in accordance with the respective legal provisions in force.

3. The Customer enjoys the right to access and modify his or her personal information.

4. Our online payment services providers offer secure payment methods. All payment transactions are encrypted and employees of WebLevel Michal Olech have no access to the security codes of our Customers.


1. The Customer accepts and agrees to the fact that the colors of products shown in the photographs displayed at may vary from actual samples. The above-mentioned differences shall not be subject of a complaint.

2. All information, photographs of products, trademarks of brands and manufacturers as well as content of our store and web site are protected by copyright. Copying, processing and dissemination of them without a written consent of the owner of is strictly prohibited.

3. All disputes (between the Customer and WebLevel Michal Olech) shall first be attempted to be resolved in an amicable manner. 

4. Placement of an order by a Customer constitutes acceptance and agreement to all terms contained in this Store Policy.

5. For out of court settlement of consumer disputes, the European Union launched the online platform (ODR):