Bulb Attack CERO pendant lamps
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returns and complaints


1. A Customer enjoys the right to return the merchandise within 14 days from its receipt.
2. The Customer shall not enjoy the right to withdraw from the merchandise purchase contract where the order placed refers to nontypical custom-made merchandise, whose properties (such as e.g. color or material it is to be made of) have been specified by the Customer.

3. Where a defect of the merchandise resulting from its use has been found, the Customer should contact an employee of WebLevel Michal Olech responsible for in order to initiate the complaint procedure. The complaints shall be handled within 14 workdays. In the case where it becomes necessary for WebLevel Michal Olech to order replacement merchandise needed for handling the complaint, the above-mentioned 14-day period may be extended, which should be communicated to the Customer as soon as possible.

4. The merchandise being subject of the complaint should be delivered in its original packaging together with all original accessories it was delivered with. The parcel should include also a copy of the purchase document and description of the defect. The shipment fee should be paid by the Customer and the merchandise should be shipped after the complaint has been filed (by e-mail or telephone call). Where the complaint has been recognized, WebLevel Michal Olech removes defects or exchanges the merchandise and ships it to the Customer at its own expense. Where WebLevel Michal Olech has not recognized the complaint having found no defect which might be subject of a complaint or having found a damage to the merchandise caused by the Customer, the merchandise is shipped back to the Customer at the Customer's expense.